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    Why Buy an Alternative Ride?

    Go green: electric and rechargeable

    Great to ride between classes on campus

    Make a short trip to the store

    No license needed

    Wireless remote

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    No License Required
    No Necesita Licenca

    Since an electric skateboard is still a skateboard, there is no need to have a driver's license to operate it.

    You can get the power of an electric bike or scooter but have the regulations of a skateboard.

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    Battery Powered

    Long-lasting, rechargeable Lithium Ion or Lead Acid batteries

    Powerful 150W to 800W motors that can go up and down hills with ease

    A great way to go green

    Top speeds from 9 to 24 miles per hour

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    Not Your Usual Skateboard

    Longboard style deck with a kicktail for better stability

    Durable wood deck is fully covered with griptape for better control

    Some models feature more concavity for added performance

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    Wireless Remote

    Featuring 2.4 GHz connectivity

    Smooth acceleration and braking

    Simple single trigger control

    Reverse button and top speed adjustment

    Automatic and manual syncing